Shipwrecked VBS @ FBC, Aledo June 25th-29th 9am-Noon

June 25th - June 29th, 2018


Calling all kids ages 3-5th grade graduates to FBC's Shipwrecked Vacation Bible School the week of June 25th-29th from 9am-Noon. We'll have so much fun learning about how Jesus Rescues us & offers us hope through music, games, Bible, craft, activities, and yummy snacks!

Kids will be encouraged to bring in money each day to go toward our Family Mission Project: Pop-Up School Supply Shop for Buttonwood Trails Families.

VBS t-shirts are no longer available for pre-order. There will be t-shirts available for $6 during VBS (sizes are limited so get yours early).

This is a free week so invite your neighbors & register today! Feel free to contact Mollie Dunn with questions at 371-6962.

Family Swim Party @ Aledo Pool: Friday, June 29th from 5:30-7:30pm (Free/Dinner will be provided)
VBS Program: Sunday, July 1st at 10:15am (Rehearsal is at 9am)

Brunch  3

VBS Volunteer Lunch (Volunteers & their kids) Friday, June 29th

June 29th, 2018

All VBS Volunteers & their kiddos are invited to a thank-you lunch on Friday, June 29th after clean-up. We need to get an exact head count for this meal so we know how much to order.

Station leaders need to put their classrooms/spaces back together for Sunday and the crew leaders will gather in the sanctuary for assignments. Some crew leaders will be sent around to set-up the FH for the lunch and to help the station leaders. We'll eat after we're done (it'll take around 20-30 min. to clean-up).

We'll have walking tacos & dessert. *Please let Mollie know if you have food restrictions. Thanks so much for making VBS amazing!

Events collide ciy move

CIY MOVE (High School)

July 9th - July 13th, 2018


CIY MOVE is a five day High School event designed to amplify the call of Christ on students' lives to become Kingdom Workers. This summer conference is located in Wheaton, IL. After registering here and securing your spot, you will need to complete the Medical Release Form on the CIY website. A link will be provided in your confirmation email. If you have any questions, please see Pastor Luke Dunn.

2018 youth mission trip

El Salvador Collide Mission Trip 2018

July 28th - August 4th, 2018


Please take time to read through the Travel Pack prior to registering.

Mission Trip Student Expectations

  1. Students must attend their church at least 75% of the time (if they drop below this total for more than 2 months they will be removed from the trip and MUST pay all fees up to that point. This means if plane tickets have already been purchased, the student will be responsible for paying for that ticket. )
  2. Students will be expected to attend either Collide Youth Group or Sunday school at least 50% of the time. If they cannot commit to this, they can’t go on the trip.
  3. The $150 dollar deposit is non-refundable. Half must be paid at the time of registration to secure a spot. The other half of the registration is due by Jan 1st, 2018. (Trip costs made to FBC don't include vaccinations or passports.)
  4. Students and adults must attend the mission trip fundraiser on April 8th, 2018 from 3:30-8:30pm. We will have our monthly mission trip meeting before our fundraiser at 3:30pm. Exceptions will only be made for those who have previous obligations they cannot get out of and a conversation must be had with Heather well in advance (at least two weeks in advance). If a student misses the fundraiser, for any reason, they will be asked to pay another $150 dollars out of pocket for the mission trip.
  5. Registration will open on Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 2017 at 9am. Registration may only be completed online. Registration will remain open until all spots are full or until Sunday, Nov. 26th, 2017.
  6. There are 18 spots available, but a minimum of three must be filled by an adult (two more including Heather) with a maximum of 8 adults.
  7. The remaining obligation of $150 dollars of the deposit is owed by July 1st, 2018. (Trip costs made to FBC don't include vaccinations or passports.)

$75 must be paid at the time of registration to secure a spot.

Please Note The trip cost is showing $300 which is what you would pay between now and July 1, 2018. Only $75 is due today.